Terf Receipts Australia

A couple of blokes, one from the Guardian, the other an ABC contributor talk about how the erasure of women is a good thing and that gender critical feminists are actually bigots and should STFU


A Guardian journalist and a PHD student school a lesbian and woman of colour about women's rights and how they shouldn't have any to speak about sex and sexuality, and how a lesbian feminist academic is actually a far right conspiracy theorist.


A Guardian journalist invites a misogynistic pile on with a retweet of a gender critical feminist by framing her views as transphobic bigotry


Person threatens to go to McIver Baths and urinate on women who believe that sex is immutable.  Sall Grover takes exception and argues for women only spaces. Bec Shaw, who identifies as a comedy writer who contracts to the ABC tells Sall she belongs in the bin. Bec refuses to see that trans identified males offer the same risk to females as other males do. Any woman that does so to her is a Terf and garbage.

Shaw 1

Two men from Junkee, a left leaning cultural publication, call women who believe sex is real and gender is socially constructed TERFs in order to display their purity. Patrick likes to shut women down by accusing them of transphobia.  "no debate" because he doesn't have the intelligence and courage to engage.


The blue tick for Jim Malo is new, since his welcoming as an ABC Journalist, not despite but because of his progressive views that women who believe sex is immutable endanger the lives of trans identified males, and should hand their sex over without protest.

JimMalo terf