What kind of Feminist?

I'm not sure I have a label but I have clung on for grim death to the label through 25 years of evangelical Christianity, and I am not going to let it go now.  And stuff them.  

Why do I want to hang on to the label?

Well because feminists seem to have abandoned the real causes of women.  They shrink from the treatment of women by Islam, they have turned against women who have traditional values and they refuse to support unborn females.  They will never support the sexual education of young girls in any other way but that which is considered 'progressive'. This method of education can lead girls to make choices that can lead to sexual exploitation, gender confusion and poor sexual and emotional health.  Most feminists also refuse to acknowledge the value of the traditional family and the traditional marriage in providing a safe and balanced environment for the upbringing of girls. So why should they take this name exclusively that actually Christians were in large part the creators of. 

What about women in the Bible?

Well there are a handful of verses in the bible that limit the role of women in the church, the family and society.  Biblical scholarship has developed better understandings of these in recent times.  This is not accepted across all of Christianity but I am not getting into debate.  Because frankly it is not anyone's business.  Christianity has a special place in the western society and the development of our capitalist democracy, and I would argue still maintains an important role. 

Why is this relevant to our society?

Some with limited brain capacity would say that the views of Christians is equal to the role of the church of the spaghetti monster.  I would argue that is only true in as much as the spaghetti monster has built the hospitals and schools and charities, that uniquely exist in all countries that have been impacted by the christian gospel. 

The women's rights I am most passionate about.

Obviously our sisters living in Islamic and Communist countries have the most severe deprivation of human rights and I will talk about these issues. 

Here in Australia we have not only a way to go for civil rights but our family rights are being taken away.  The children we birth from our bodies are entrusted to us for physical sustenance and intellectual and moral education.  We are losing the right to bring our children up in the way that we feel is best for their protection.  Yes girl children who we birth from our own vagina's are be given moral education by the state in the sexual ideology of left wing university.  Ideology that is not scientific based but from a mixture of post structuralists and German Marxist disciplines.  I'll probably talk about this a bit too. 

Also feminism hasn't actually solved the issues of domestic violence, sexual exploitation slavery and issues of objectification of women in public spaces.  I will be talking about this a bit too.  Also my right to be who I am as a woman, as a christian without the vilification of nasty intellectuals and publicly funded media. So lots of places to be a christian feminist here.