Earlier on this evening I was getting the feeling that this country despises me and those I worship with. I started writing a sensitive article about how deeply wounded I was, but then I just got grumpy again.

My new sensitive self, started to emerge this week with Israel Folau coming out in favour of traditional marriage.  I am a rugby supporter and like Izzy, he is young enough to be my son, so it got my soft spot when he got slammed.  A few days ago he wrote a beautiful article about growing up in a Polynesian family and adjusting to Australian culture.[1] He revealed a deeply sensitive and strong young man. His parents should be very proud of him.  Enter stage left, Peter Fitzsimons, who is a rich white guy, who wears a red tea towel on his head, and has seen fit to call Izzy a “Christian nutter”.  It was here where my sensitive deep self, like Fitzsimons towel at the end of a hot day, started to unravel.  Because I am thinking that I recognise something here.  Something familiar, something very Aussie harking back to the 50’s.

This has come in the same week where we saw some Lebanese catholic guys, offering their mum’s hummus and a free kebab, at a ‘no’ stall at Sydney Uni [2], were assaulted with their mums hummus. While I was looking at this story on Miranda Devine’s Facebook page I saw comments from Kerryn Phillips, talking about the ‘worth’ of relationships.  Reading her comments, I realised that I don’t know what most gay people actually believe about marriage. To my shame I have never really thought about it much.  Does Ms Phillips believe marriage confers worth on a relationship? Is she suggesting that de-facto relationships are without worth?  I doubt it, although I am beginning to understand the broader perspective.  Let me say what marriage is for me.

For an evangelical Christian, marriage is the only cover under which one can have a sexual relationship. For us, marriage is a reflection of the image of God who made us in His image, Male and Female. Marriage, in the Church is the basis of the family unit, it is the earthly reflection of the relationship between Christ and the Church. It actually doesn’t have a lot to do with romantic love, or respect.  Marriage is the covenant under which the relationship enters, two individuals enter the covenant and become one. We have absolutely no power to define it, or to re-define it, it is what it is. I know this is a minority practice of marriage now, but that’s how it is for us, and that’s how it is in the bible, and that’s how it is for many cultures who make their home in Australia. And with or without SSM it is not going to change for us.  The left have attempted to depict this form of conservative sexuality as a form of deviancy.  This week a girl was sacked from her job because she used a “It’s OK to vote No” filter on Facebook, the suggestion was that she was not safe around children. No human rights commission outrage was forthcoming.

At our Church, we have recently welcomed quite a few Syrian Christians into our community.  These are wonderful and interesting people, but they are morally conservative and traditional marriage and family focused. The left protest for more refugees to come to our nation, but to me this seems curious. To want to invite great hordes of different cultures into the country when you essentially reject who they are, and you fully intend to persecute them for their religious beliefs, is rather odd.

I was a leftie for a long time, and I am hearing the lefties in my head saying, “what if there are LGBTI people in these families? We can’t accept homophobia. They have to accept Australian values”.  I believe we need to keep the rule as number one, that children can be trusted with their families, and with their own culture, unless proven otherwise. Surely we have learned this with our indigenous community, or maybe we haven’t.  I am a bit sick of the suggestions that religious families are not capable of bringing up children who will develop various sexual attractions as adults.  Traditional Christians are sexually conservative, but Christianity is a free choice religion and we live in the modern world.

The left, who were advocates of diversity and multiculturalism, are championing a new form of cultural assimilation complete with McCarthyistic zeal.  A new white Australia policy, where LGBTI is the new white. Where we have religious diversity without any tolerance for diversity of religious beliefs, cultural diversity without any real tolerance of other cultures, sexual diversity with no tolerance of other ideologies of sexuality. They are trying to bring us all under some weird secular religion we call the new ‘Australian values’.  Where red towel headed men and red flag waving academics, bully, cajole and condescend people into submission. Assimilate us into a world where there are no highly principled young dark men, and ‘hummus for marriage’ middle eastern stalls, and we only have one set of values; defined by former presidents of the AMA, heads of QANTAS, and humanities graduates from La Trobe University.  PC police telling us speech is violence, aggressively demanding the name of an ancient institution so the State can render respect on relationships, without discussion, without debate, and with constant tiresome badgering.

I know most gays are regular non-activist people who just want to make a normal life in this country, I am not even really worried about same sex marriage. I am worried about what has happened to our society, and how we will ever make anything interesting out of our country if this silliness is allowed to continue.  We know we hold a minority belief on marriage, but this belief won’t change after the law changes, and we should have a right of protection from these Neanderthals. These small-minded people who want to sack, vilify and openly abuse us for their national sport of virtue signalling. Those who rejoice in publicly expressing their love for every homosexual who ever existed, by calling us homophobes, haters, sexual deviants and my favourite, ‘bigots’. “Ohh but your belief in marriage is hateful”, I hear your lefty reflex retort. Ahh, no actually, it is the orthodox Christian definition of marriage highlighted by Jesus, that we have had for two thousand years, and we will continue to have into the future.  And you know what? If you persecute us for this belief, that makes you the bigot, and history may not treat you as kindly as you think. And if you get more power in this country, apart from the media, and the opposition bench, and try to impose your new assimilation policy, we will fight you for the sake of the children, for the sake of migrant communities, for the sake of our churches and for the sake of having a free thinking, diverse and interesting society.

[1] https://www.playersvoice.com.au/israel-folau-argument-that-changed-my-life/

[2] http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/yes-campaigners-show-their-true-colours/news-story/6ad4b71806c4c610329a1cb7dcaa43b2

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  1. ChrissyAnne. on September 20, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Great point. ‘ It’s the new White Australia policy with LGBTI as the new white. ‘ Yes,look who’s showing their intolerance now! The Left want diversity without tolerance for diversity. It’s good, GF. You are calling it out for what it is. Good point also about migrant/refugee families, who will mostly have traditional values .Yes, it does seem like the Left are wanting to disrespect them as well, and their religion, and culture, even while they are claiming to champion their cause….I got a few good laughs along the way too reading this. Laughter is good medicine. So thank you.

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