Christian, What does it mean?

Well we come in all shapes and sizes but my particular flavour is evangelical.  Yep we are super popular at the moment.  But I am concerned with the political interests and freedom of all Christians, even those I don't agree with.  That's how we should go.

Can I be both Christian and Feminist?

Yeah. Why not? Christians started the western women's movements.  Just because it has been taken over by feminists who have no intention of protecting the interest of women and children, doesn't mean we need to be excluded from the word the word feminism when we fight for the rights of women and children. And the right of women to pass on their values to their children. 

Am I a Progressive Christian?


Why am I not 'progressive'?

Because the ideology of the 'progressive' comes from a bunch of dead German and French guys, and I prefer to base my world view of those 66 books written by dead Jewish guys. 

Why is it important to declare my religion?

Because 'progressiveness' includes a push to accept religious people as part of society, only if they fall into the progressive agenda. To do so requires one to ascribe to ideologies that I do not, and will not follow.  I consider all people, equal but I don't consider all religions equal or all ideologies equal.  I consider Christianity better than other religions, and ideologies and that is a relevant bias.  It is the same bias that every person of true faith and ideologue has, but I am prepared to declare it. But that doesn't mean that people who hold these ideas and beliefs shouldn't have equal right to debate political principles and ideas.  There is a consistent push to shut down the voice of religious and non progressive voices and arguments.  And and a push to instil the progressive beliefs in legislation.  I resist the government intervention into belief systems that has attempted to bring unity of 'belief' or 'values', because because our society has a diversity of values.