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March to Tyranny

This week, western women march for the right to be unashamed sluts, grossly overweight, ugly and rude.  For the right to murder their unborn, to forego responsibility of their sexual behaviour and abandon their reproductive processes to the state. Meanwhile, Islamists, communists and atheist dictators grab their popcorn and quietly wait for the destruction of…

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Powerful Women Abandon Child Protection

In the great gender debate, it is probably unquestionable that women are better communicators, more compassionate and are generally more empathetic. The very existence of Oprah and her massive success and wealth testifies to this.  She is a woman that has built an empire on listening to people, really hearing their story. By doing so…

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The Feminists have Left the Building

Hi, My name is Edie. That’s pronounce ee-dee. Short for Edith (my grandmothers name). My mother made the unusual decision to put the shortened version on my birth certificate.  Hence, I am called Eddie by pretty much everyone who reads my name. But women in my family don’t generally follow the script. I am starting…

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